BioExplorers was founded in 2006 by Eran Lumbroso, with the aim of developing a biosensor based detection system for a wide variety of applications, which would provide superior results to those of currently available technological detection systems – more quickly, more safely, and cost-effectively.

Eran (Major, res., Israeli Navy) acquired broad knowhow and experience in research and development focusing on the use of biosensors to detect threats during his military career. He is the principal developer of BioExplorers concept and detection system. Eran holds a B.Sc. in biology and M.Sc. in zoology, and specializes in animal behavior.

Eran and his team, building on their combined multidisciplinary expertise and experience in biology, zoology, animal behavior, technology, security and R&D, developed their first product in cooperation with security agencies – a walk-through explosives detection system. In independent preliminary field tests, this system has demonstrated a level of performance that exceeds the results provided by all presently implemented detection systems.

Biosensor based detection systems for vehicle and cargo screening are currently under development.