October 2015

X-TEST's New Family of Operator-assist tools

Indicators & Test Pieces

X-TEST is proud to launch its' New Family of operator-assisted ("Phantom") tools.

This family of new and most efficient tools was designed to provide security operators with smart, simple and effective solutions in the field of equipment testing, calibration and standardization. X-TEST's Family of operator-assisted ("Phantom") tools consists of the following:

X-TEST's X-Ray Indicator

X-TEST's X-Ray Indicator is designed to address one of the most common challenges in the security screening process and that is: the lack of information obtained by X-Ray detectors when screening dense materials, also known as the: "Dark Alarm".

To address this phenomena, X-TEST's X-Ray Indicator is intended as an operator-assisted tool, to allow X-Ray operators to determine whether the X-Ray penetration is sufficient in order to make a security decision when encountering a suspicious 'Dark alarm'.

Placement and use

X-TEST's X-Ray Indicator is designed as a flat surface filled with very dense metal balls. Upon suspecting a 'Dark Alarm', the operator can easily place the Indicator between the screened item and the detectors and scan them both.

Outcome and result

The outcome of such additional scan may or may not result in a visible image of the X-TEST's X-Ray Indicator's metal balls.

Visible metal balls will indicate that the item is not as dense, and therefore some X-Ray penetration occurs after all. In such a case, the security operator should proceed according the local SOP for materials that appear dark but are not categorized as a 'Dark Alarm'.

Invisible metal balls will require the operator for maximization of means by further image lightening to the lightest value possible. Still invisible metal balls then will indicate that the X-Ray beam does not penetrate the material. This would be an indication of a 'Dark Alarm' which implies that X-Ray technology is not adequate for this type of item and requires the address of other security measures

Walk Through Metal Detector (WTMD) Standard Test Pieces (1 & 2)

X-TEST's new Standard Test Pieces are designed to ensure that the performance of Walk Through Metal Detectors (WTMDs) is being conducted according to the required standard at all times and that the WTMDs are calibrated to detect potentially dangerous goods.

The use of the test pieces as part of the daily routine will enable the users to challenge their WTMDs on a daily basis and if required, recalibrate them accordingly.

These new Standard Test Pieces completely meet the requirements of DOC30 ECAC from decision 2010/774/EU, from the commission of April 13th, 2010 and/or Regulation (CE) n° 185/2010 of commission.

X-TEST's new Standard Test Pieces provide:

Standardization of security level at all times

√ Verification of equipment's preparedness

√ Synchronization with person's threat level

√ Indication of a possible technical problem

*X-TEST's family of Operator-assisted tools includes also X-TEST's x-Ray equipment STP - SECUR008 and the Exposed-Wire (EW) STP.

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